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Our Mission

Silencing the Roar of the Lions



The DDCC is at its core, the lifelong vision of One Man driven by a heart of compassion, to empower a generation of young people. Pastor Ozzie Heredia is that man. He was the founder of Generation X Ministries, which became one of the most influential ministries for teens in South Jersey Dominican Republic, and Haiti.This planted the seed that led to the development and birth of Daniel's Den. 

Reaching out to South Jersey's suburban and inner city youth is our essence. The SOUL of Daniel's Den, is to help each young person to discover their identity, to find their life's purpose, and to reach their true destiny. The purpose of DDCC is to bring into our inner-city, a place that can become a safe haven to our youth. In essence, to be a den to expose their true potential via a diverse pipeline of dynamic programs and robust community resources.Our call to action is an integrated, strategic network collaboration approach working together with others in the public, nonprofit, and private sector, which will directly impact the family structure.